NomadicPLUS…. the FLAT Option!

Set Up

Spend your time selling, not setting up. Nomadic Instand displays are engineered for one person set-up without tools.
In seconds, Instand pops up and self-locks without connectors or fasteners of any kind. Connected magnetic struts unfold to snap onto the frame. Lights slide onto the top of any strut. Graphic or Fabri Colour panels hang and unroll to self-align magnetically with seamless precision.

Features and Benefits

Nomadic Instand Plus was the first and only self-locking pop-up display when Nomadic introduced it thirty years ago. Today Instand is still the world’s most popular pop-up because it delivers a professional, high impact graphic presentation that saves exhibitors time and money.

Plus is the flat straight wall edition of Instand, and here’s what it offers you:

Lightweight and portable, ideal for a one person set up without tools.

To see Nomadic transit cases click here:

Shadow boxes available in this range.

Damaged frames are repaired or replaced with our unique “No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty” To download Warranty:

Instand grows right along with you; it integrates with other nomadic systems to create a custom built look.

Self-locking technology for the fastest set-up.

Aircraft grade drawn aluminium and cross bracing throughout provide superior strength and structural stability.

Tempered steel-on-steel hubs provide maximum durability at all critical high stress joints.

Polar opposite magnetics enable rollable panels to self-align with seamless precision.

Integration Options

All Nomadic product lines are designed to grow with the Nomadic Instand system. Our customers enjoy the benefit of utilizing their Instand while expanding their tradeshow properties.

Nomadic Instand is the only system that physically integrates with the latest trends in the trade show industry to achieve dynamic selling environments.

For companies that attend many trade shows, marketing and sales events with changing exhibit requirements, Nomadic Instand is the investment meant for a lifetime.

The purchase of a Nomadic Instand allows future integration into larger trade show properties, without having to reinvest in that initial hardware again.