Shop renovations in hard economic times

Tuesday, 13 September 2011 by
Shop Renovations

With the economy slowing down a little, businesses are vying for a smaller pool of customers and its time to upgrade your appearance with Shop Renovations.


Lots of business in harder times tend to draw back and ride it out however it is the time to be more aggressive and reach out to new markets and customers.


This will also mean that as the economy picks up your will have a better client base to draw on.


One of the ways to do this is to renovate the look of your business whether retail or offices. This will not only give you a new fresh presentation but you can also use it to promote your business through the media etc.


Having a refurbishment can be very beneficial to your business if planned and carried out efficiently. Of course you don’t have to do it all at once. You can do Shop Renovations in stages to reduce the impact.


Shop Renovations

Display Stands


If your display stands are looking a bit old fashioned, then modernising your retail space with new, modern shop fittings can create more of a buzz about your business.


If managed correctly, it may be possible to adapt your retail space to stock and display a larger range of products which would easily attract a wider spectrum of customers.


Quite often displays were made quite a while ago and the market has changed so this is also an opportunity to create something that can reach a wider market with your Shop Renovations.


Vale display can also help you with suggestions and support


Using Portable displays with your Shop Renovations


Trade shows have been using portable displays to make their booths attractive and draw customers. When designing your new shop refit or if you just want to add some interactivity portable displays can make a huge difference and also let you change the style of your business every so often.


Once you have a portable display you can simply get new content printed to rotate on a regular basis.


Vale Display has been in the business of Trade displays and Shop Renovations for many years and have a great group of professionals to help you with your business renovations.


trade show

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Portable display stands for businesses

Sunday, 27 February 2011 by
portable display stands

portable display standsMulti purpose Portable Display Stands


As you travel around you will notice that successful businesses take advantage of all available advertising area, in many instances using portable display stands.


Vale Display Systems can help you choose the correct portable display stands for your business or next promotion.


Portable Display Stands Versatility


Businesses who think out their strategy can use portable display stands in a multitude of areas and if you think it through can utilize them by mixing and matching the design.


For example today it could be showing a special, tomorrow it could be direct people to a certain area and later in the week could be promoting the website and then keep doing so over the weekend.


Different Styles of Portable Display Stands


There are many different types of portable display stands.


Nomadic Instand

With a lifetime warranty this premium quality curved pop up system,the first and STILL the world’s most popular portable trade show display.

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Rollup Bannerstand

Top of the range rollup bannerstand comes with a 10 Year Warranty, this system enables the user to change the graphic panel easily, or we can do it. In house graphic design and print on the banners.

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Pedestal is a presentation innovation. By fusing the individual strenghts of diverse systems – pop up , audio visual, laminated panel, aluminium extrusion and tension fabric – into one portable solution, Pedestal delivers style and value.

Learn more:


Vale display has many other portable display stands you can access from this page.


Our Team of Specialists can advise you!


As you can see there are a wide range of options for your portable display stands so our team can look at your needs and assess your needs and suggest the best solution.


Whether a trade show or in house portable display stands we can mix and match so you get the desired results.


The beauty of using portable display stands for trade shows is the versatility.


All of our portable display units have been designed to integrate with each other to accommodate all tradeshow requirements. Creating a smaller stylish 3×3 booth right through to a stunning larger custom built design.


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