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When your thinking of creating something that will draw attention then our large format printing system can handle a wide range of applications.


Large Format Printing for Retail


While we usually associate large format printing with trade shows and conferences it can be widley used in the retail industry to draw attention to products and services.


For example in a coffee shop it could promote different combinations of foods and drinks at discounbted rates and be placed close to the entrance or even hung on a wall.


Shop fronts and window displays can make great use of large format printing to add dramatic effects to displays.


Large Format Printing for Networkers


There are a huge number of network marketing events around Australia both in public and in homes. Using the large format printing system can help highlight products and services for your organization.


There are also a large number of business networking groups who meet and producing a banner etc can help promote the events.


Large Format Printing for Networkers Display Cases


Have you ever wondered where you get the large printed poster to put in large displays in lifts, wall advertising etc. Well Vale Display Solutions can print on a variety of different media types including self-adhesives, translucents for backlit artwork, films, fabrics, papers and poly-plastics.


Most commonly our standard print size is capable of printing up to 1.5m wide and 30m long. However other required sizes are also possible upon booking in your job.


Here is a good example


The worlds largest bottle of wine. 2M high – real blown glass. Filled with 295 litres of genuine Shiraz from WA. Secured and transported within a display case around Australia and the USA


large format printing

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