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The main reason a company chooses to promote themselves at an event or trade show is to lift their profile, gather new clients and generally to tell people what they provide. Your Exhibition Stands need to provide information and also be developed in a way to stand out from the crowd.


Basics of Exhibition Stands


The Stands come in a variety of shapes sizes and styles. You can browse through Vale Display solutions exhibitions stands here.


Lots of people think that exhibition stands are all the same, nothing could be further from the truth.


Today there is a huge range to choose from. Exhibition Stands range from simple portable stands to the full build exhibition stands. There is also the large format print portable stands that are often used in conferences.


What Exhibition Stands do you need?


Because of the large variety of exhibition stands it is important to do some pre planning. We provide a timeline in this website to help with your planning which you can access here.


Of course as you progress through the planning of your exhibition stand whether it be a small portable stand to a large trade show exhibition stand Vale Display Solutions has a team ready to help you in every aspect.


Exhibitions Stands should help your business stand out!


Todays customer is a little more sophisticated than years past so is looking not only for good products and price but an entertaining experience. The ability to use Vales Display Solutions graphic and design team means that your exhibition Stands will stand out.


By incorporating professional lighting, audio and video content you can provide a complete experience for your visitor.


Exhibitions Stands – Looking at the Objectives of Exhibition Stands


When it comes to getting the most business opportunities, there really is little that can compete with exhibition stands.


Exhibition stands can be used in a number of different ways but, generally speaking, the overall objectives of exhibitions stands remains fairly universal.


Obviously, the best place to utilise exhibition stands is at business functions where there is an abundance of foot traffic to feed of the buzz being generated by your company’s exhibition stands. Just a few of the primary objectives of exhibition stands can be summarised as the following:


On Site Selling – The most obvious use of exhibition stands is to help as a visual aid in the sale of your product and make your marketing stand out from the crowd. Exhibition stands come in all shapes and sizes and you are sure to be able to get a variety that suits your business needs.


Networking – Exhibition stands also provide ample opportunity for networking as they can help to open up business links with other companies that may prove to be mutually beneficial. Exhibition stands allow you to showcase your business principles and outline what it is your company can offer. Obviously, visual prompts are the most persuasive form of advertising which is why exhibition stands have enjoyed such success in this field.


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