QR Codes allow you to take your displays and trade show booths online.

QR Codes QR Codes ( Quick Response) is a simple 2d graphic which can have information embedded in it which is then scanned by a mobile phone and presents the embedded information to the visitor.


With the huge adoption of smart phones this provides a whole new way for businesses to take traditional offline material online.


Obviously as a visitor is scanning the QR Code with a mobile phone it is advisable to have a mobile optimized site to take them too.


Scan our QR Code and be taken to our Mobile Website

Examples of how QR Codes can be used.


You have a booth at a trade show in a few months and have engaged Vale Display to develop it for you and you want maximum exposure so you go to one of the free QR Code Generators online and create a QR Code linking to a mobile website.


On this mobile website you have a map of exactly how to get to your booth when your prospective customers come to find you.


QR Codes can provide and e-voucher


You can also have an e-voucher for a special offer when they come to your booth


QR Codes can have contact and phone information


You can also have a contact form so they can contact you during or after the show plus a tap to call so they can ring direct.


QR Codes Can provide addition Company Information


Some additional company information can also be added about your various products and services.



By adding the QR Code, which is a simple graphic, to your invitations, Display and other printed material you can not only get more visitors but they can scan while at you display if your staff are all busy.


As you can see there are lots of different applications for your QR Codes.


QR Codes for displays


QR Codes can also be added to other display material like shop partitions and a whole range of other display sceniaro’s


Vale Display Solutions can help you with all your QR Codes ideas and provide your displays, shop fit-outs and much more.


QR Codes can also be added to your large format print banners, dividers, portable displays etc.


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