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A business or organization trade show is a popular way to show off your products and services and they are very common all over Australia.


A Successful trade show is all about planning and can generate a lot of new leads and potential sales.


Because a trade show generally occur only once a year, many companies develop an intricate marketing plan and a mission statement outlining the intent and projected results for exhibiting.


This will organize a projected budget on pre-show promotions, on site activities, and post-show follow up.


This mission should also address financial needs that will include costs for floor space, trade show displays, and travel expenses.


Preparing for your Trade Show


Think neatness and visibility when putting your display system together for your trade show display.


Build the impression of demand into your exhibit.


Pull a crowd to your display using various marketing techniques.


Have a stack of promotional items that you can use as giveaways at your trade show convention exhibit.


Use a prize draw or contest.


Make it easy for booth visitors to get information.


Make sure you have plenty of promotional literature on hand.


Be ready to do business.


Have your stand at the trade show manned at all times.


Actively engage visitors.


No Food/Drink/Laptop or homework on the stand


Trade Show Displays


Another component of a trade show is the visual presentation and pre-promotional marketing.


Exhibitors should work with a design team to create booth signage, interactive promotions and demonstrations.


Marketing materials should inform prospects about the products and services of a company.


Examples include: sales literature, product sheets, business cards, promotional items, and follow-up information packets.


Building the booth so it is marketing your products and services in the best way possible is crucial to a successful trade show and this is where Vale Displays can help.


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